Follow-up Sessions


Stay motivated, inspired and accountable! You will leave each session with more knowledge about food and nutrition, as well as tools to help you succeed.

TIME: 30 MIN.  /  SERVING: 1  /  COST: $70

1 Review Your Progress

1 Question & Answers

1 Ongoing Nutrition Education

1 Customized Nutrition Meal Plan


Billing Information

Payment options include: cash, check, e-transfer or credit card.

Your employer's health insurance plan or Employee Assistance Program may provide coverage for a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist. A receipt will be provided for all services that you may submit to your extended health insurance for reimbursement (if eligible). If your insurance company does not cover the services of a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist, your receipts are eligible for a non-refundable government tax credit (please visit Canada Revenue Agency).

Direct billing is available for WSIB and Blue Cross claims.